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Information most relevant for Spring

LawnCare University

Lawncare University is a collection lawn renovation, maintenance, and lawn care videos from the experts at Michigan State University.

Go Green Lawncare Tip Sheet

Management practices that produce healthy lawns while protecting lakes and streams.

Fertilizing Home Lawns to Protect Water Quality

The first step in developing a fertilizer program for your lawn is to identify the objectives for the lawn area on your property.

Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality

Lawns adjacent to lakes, ponds, rivers or other surface water bodies should be regarded as sensitive areas. Though these lawn areas can benefit the water by filtering runoff water and protecting against soil erosion, it is important to understand the potential for turf maintenance activities to affect water quality.

Mowing Lawn Turf

Mowing is the most basic practice for maintaining lawn turf. Mowing performed at the correct height and frequency is essential to the health and density of the stand.

Managing Yard Waste to Preserve Water Quality

For those who would like to handle yard waste on their own property, the techniques listed in this bulletin can transform grass clippings and tree leaves into resources for lawns and gardens.

Purchasing Quality Turfgrass Seed: Read the Label

Purchasing quality turfgrass seed for reestablishing lawns or establishing new lawns is critical to the future success of the lawn. Several key words often seen on bags of lawn seed are common indicators of what turfgrass species the bag contains.

Additional resources you may find helpful

Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality

Watering the lawn is a necessary activity for many homeowners who desire a high quality turf.

Cultivation of Lawns

Soil compaction, soil layering and excessive thatch buildup are common problems on home lawns in Michigan. Cultivation (also called aerification) is the process of physically modifying the soil by removing plugs from the soil profile.

MSU Water Page

The non-ag irrigation committee recently completed a document outlining best management practices for non-agricultural irrigation. The BMP document is available for download. Several external irrigation resources are also available here.