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Japanese Beetle and European Chafer

Jun 28, 2010 at 8:00am  —  Kevin Frank

If you haven't noticed them already, they're coming.  Japanese beetles are showing up now which means they'll soon be munching on your favorite ornamentals and in a couple months may be munching on turf roots.  European chafer beetles are also on the scene although you likely won't see the beetles during the day.  European chafer beetles are typically observed at dusk when they fly up into trees for 'mating parties'.  European chafer beetles don't feed on ornamentals like Japanese beetles do but they can be even more devastating to turf later this summer.  Insecticide applications to prevent grub damage from either Japanese beetle or European chafer can be applied between now and July 15th for best results.  Insecticides that are effective include imidacloprid, chloratraniliprole, halofenozide, thiamefoxam, and clothianidin. Please read and follow all label directions when applying an insecticide.