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Pertinent Resources and Links:

The following links include material that was referenced by the committee or was deemed relevant for supporting recommendations included in the BMP document.

Irrigation Association of America  
Water Right - from The Lawn Institute    
Center for Irrigation Technology  
Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association   Michigan Green Industry Association
Michigan Turfgrass Association   American Nursery & Landscape Assoc.
Project EverGreen   Professional Landcare Network
Turfgrass Producers International   Turfgrass Information Center

Michigan Ag Weather Network   Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program
Institute for Water Research at MSU    

Non-Agricultural Irrigation Best Management Practices (PDF)

Recommended Guidelines for Efficient Use and Conservation of Ornamental Landscape and Turf Irrigation Water in the Great Lakes Region

R. N. Calhoun

Turfgrass Irrigation Module (PDF)

The MTESP team is pleased to announce the release of the newest stewardship module. This module is based on the 2005 Non-Ag Irrigation Best Management Practices, adapted for turfgrass managers and formatted into an easy-to-use check list. This module will help you assess your irrigation system and practices and prioritize an action plan.

R. N. Calhoun