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Yellow Hawkweed

May 27, 2010 at 10:33am  —  MSU Turf Team


Yellow hawkweed may look like dandelion to the untrained turfgrass eye but there are some differences.  Probably the most obvious difference between dandelion and yellow hawkweed is in the flower.  Although there are still some dandelions flowering out there, generally dandelion flowers earlier and also it only produces one flower per stalk.  In contrast, yellow hawkweed produces several flowers per stalk and appears in patches instead of as a single plant. This may facilitate the mowing around hawkweed patches that I often see, it'd be tough to mow around each individual dandelion plant.  Yellow hawkweed's presence is often an indication of poor growing conditions and is often found near roadsides, in boulevards, or in country lawns that are rarely fertilized.  Although common broadleaf herbicides will be effective in control if you don't improve the growing conditions it's likely to be back.  For more information visit  www.msuturfweeds.net