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Yellow Nutsedge

Jul 2, 2010 at 11:08am  —  MSU Turf Team

Following a wet 2009 and some pretty good spring and early summer precipitation this year, yellow nutsedge is making a strong showing in turf. Cultural practices for controlling nutsedge include keeping up on mowing to prevent seed production, correcting poorly draining areas, and hand weeding. Hand weeding is difficult as yellow nutsedge has tubers under the surface that will simply sprout a new plant if not also excavated. For serious infestations a herbicide application may be necessary. Control options for the homeowner are limited, look for products with the active ingredient sulfentrazone. Yellow nutsedge control options for professional applicators include Certainty (a.i. sulfosulfuron) and Sedgehammer (a.i. halosulfuron). Repeat applications will likely be required to achieve control. As with any herbicide applications at this time of year, be cautious of applications to turfgrass that is under drought/heat stress. General recommendations are to avoid herbicide applications when temperatures are above 80° F due to the risk of burning the turf. See the full biography on yellow nutsedge and other troublesome weeds at MSU Turfweeds.